Swiss Fresh Water is a limited company founded in 2008 in Switzerland. It is socially responsible and has joined the United Nations Global Compact.


Swiss Fresh Water (SFW) develops a low cost and decentralized water treatment system,  working thanks to solar energy or to the grid. The maintenance is furthermore supported by an Online service platform on Internet.


The Swiss Fresh Water's technology is designed for private and community markets as well as for low-revenue populations. Indeed, the system enables the consumption of safe drinking water directly on the production site.


Vision of Swiss Fresh Water

Access to drinking water is an important challenge and everybody should have access to safe drinking water at an affordable price. We believe that a sustainable solution needs a technical solution but also needs to be associated with an efficient maintenance service adapted to the most difficult conditions.


Mission of Swiss Fresh Water

SFW's mission is to offer a technical solution that is efficient and easily adaptable to different kind of business models. More specifically, it is adaptable to social responsible business models designed for low revenue communities (BOP - Bottom of the Pyramid).





  • production of  4'000 liters of drinking water per day thanks to Reverse Osmosis,
  • treatment of any kind of water and make it drinkable according to WHO standards,
  • Swiss Made and adapted to the harshest conditions,
  • proactive support and assistance: remotely followed and monitored all over the world via Internet & SMS,
  • adapted to solar energy: 24 V or 110-223 V, 0.4 kWh,
  • compact and easy to transport: 80 Kg, 136 x 48 x 48 cm.


The Delta BW water is equipped with

- Ultrafiltration (UF) and

- Reverse Osmosis membranes (RO).

It can produce safe drinking water from any kind of water like brackish water or polluted water from wells, boreholes, rivers, pounds, water grids  (<7gr. of salt / liters).

In addition to removing bacteria and virus, it also cleans water contaminated by fluorine, or arsenic, cyanide, mercury due to wild mining industries. It also extracts safe drinking water from salty water.


The concept of Swiss Fresh Water is to bring together several complementary technologies with the most relevant partners. It then integrates them in the optimum way in a machine developed and produced in Switzerland, according to rigorous quality criteria.


Swiss Fresh Water has developed a proactive maintenance concept based on:


1) Local maintenance: the maintenance includes the following 3 activities:

  • Periodical cleaning,
  • Replacement of wearing parts,
  • Intervention in case of failure of the machine.


2) The Online service: the local maintenance is coached remotely from Switzerland, thanks to:

  • Telemetry with GSM connection,
  • Weekly or monthly reports,
  • Maintenance procedures, videos, etc.,
  • Suitable maintenance proposals sent pro-actively (push),
  • Interventions management optimised in the same region,
  • Priority helpline,
  • Guarantee that the spare parts are available on the best terms.


In case of a development programme, or of a regional distribution, a Regional Maintenance Center (RMC) can be in charge of the maintenance of all machines in the same region.


For an individual user or a Water Entrepreneur, in an area without a RMC, the person in charge of the machine receives an appropriate training.




In 2011, SFW started a pilot project in the Sine Saloum region in Senegal and it has kept installing machines since then.  In the past six years, the experience acquired on the field enabled SFW to develop a quality machine adapted to end-users and to develop a concept of effective maintenance.


In 2012, facing the reality on the field, SFW has initiated the Access to Water Foundation (A2W). This non-profit foundation manages water purification and jobs creation programmes. The business model is based on the sale of water at an affordable price. The selling of water funds local wages, the maintenance of the machine and the renewal of the fleet. Today, Diam'O kiosks provide access to safe drinking water to approximately 315'000 people and has created about 540 jobs.


To learn more about the work of the foundation,

please visit the website: Access to Water Foundation

Today (Jan. 2018), SFW ensures the maintenance of more than

150 machines in Senegal.

100% of the installed machines are working everyday.


Swiss Fresh Water is ready to collaborate with you if:


  • You want to be a Distributor and develop SFW market in a defined country or region.


  • You want to be a Water Entrepreneur and manage several machines in water kiosks, sell the machines or develop another project.


  • You are an NGO and you would like to develop a water treatment programme using Swiss Fresh Water's machines.


If you are interested, kindly send an email to for more information.


SFW Registered Office

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SFW Office & Workshop

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