SWISS FRESH WATER more than water

Our vision is to provide water of the highest quality and best taste at an affordable price in emerging countries. We do this through strong local brands deployed by a network of franchised entrepreneurs equipped with proven technology. The model is environmentally friendly, economically efficient and sustainable, job-creating and socially responsible.

2.1 billion

This is the estimated number of people without access to running water or clean water.

Urban area

  • Water networks that are sometimes ageing, and increasing urbanization (5% per year in Africa).

  • Consumers with irregular incomes, who want cheap and good-tasting water

  • Expensive mineral waters, filtered waters of questionable quality or polluting (bagged water)

Rural area

  • Lower purchasing power than cities, and often long distances to access safe drinking water

  • Health problems related to contaminated or brackish water (fluorosis, hypertension, diarrhoea, ...)

  • Localized areas polluted by heavy metals

Our Solution

SWISS FRESH WATER offers consumers in emerging countries a pure water whose taste, freshness and lightness they appreciate at an affordable price.

  • The water is produced and marketed by our franchise partners at a price of between 1 and 5 cents EUR / litre, which is at least 3 times cheaper than inexpensive mineral water.

A local brand, supported by the Swiss Fresh Water quality label

Rigorous selection and running


Pure, light, fresh and inexpensive

Financing for the purchase of machines
Rental - pay as you go

Connected purification unit (IoT)

Our service platforms (Pay As You Go, machine protection, performance management, hotline)


Impact has always been at the heart of the Swiss Fresh Water project. Its founders wanted to offer a suitable solution for the fight against diseases resulting from the consumption of brackish and fluoridated water. The model has evolved and the impact is more than ever central to the company's strategy.


Ambition: a zero-carbon company

Decentralized production, close to the point of consumption = no truck transport and CO2 emissions

Deposit system = no unnecessary production of plastic


We create locally shared value

+400 sustainable jobs created in Senegal since 2012

A profitable and sustainable economic activity

Profitable and sustainable economic activity


Programmes in rural areas

Decrease in hypertension, fluorosis and headaches

Decrease in rural exodus, return of civil servants


" Please draw me some water. A pure and fresh water, in a blue kiosk. And the people who come to buy it. Don't forget to draw the hydrant man too. What would we do without him? Please, draw me more than water. "

Decontaminating and connected

It can produce up to 4'000 litres of water per day. It is user-friendly, economical, runs on solar energy and has an exceptional lifespan.

At your service

Our service platform is at the service of our customers (prepayment - pay as you go, maintenance and protection of the machines park, KPIs, etc.).

Track Record

10 years already

For 10 years in Senegal, our 140 production and sales sites have been serving more than 100,000 consumers every day.

Our Water

A pride

We produce and market perfectly pure water at an affordable price. Our customers appreciate its taste and lightness.


+150 000 000

Litres of drinking water produced


Of machines still operational, 10 years after start-up

+100 000

Daily consumers


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