BW Delta - Designed to last

Our machines are powerful, reliable, autonomous and communicate in real time. Thanks to automatic electronic management, they are able to stop instantly if abnormal behaviour is detected. They then immediately alert the maintenance center.

Designed based on user needs, they can be installed, used and maintained with the greatest simplicity. The self-cleaning cycle and the pressure self-regulation device make the franchisee's task easier by ensuring identical performance regardless of the type of water to be treated, without human intervention.

The 4 filtration stages enable the production of 4,000 litres of water per day, the quality and taste of which have convinced consumers for almost 10 years.

Ses points forts


  • to be transported (80 kg)
  • to install (Plug & Play)
  • to be used (AUTO operation)
  • Electric or solar network


  • 3 to 20 times cheaper than bottled water
  • No expensive and unnecessary consumables
  • Lower maintenance costs through remote monitoring
  • Can be operated on solar panels


  • No risk of electrocution
  • No use of chemicals


  • No solenoid valves
  • Robust materials, suitable for the toughest conditions
  • 100% of the machines under maintenance contract since 2011 are still perfectly operational


  • Water certified according to WHO standards
  • Treatment of all types of raw water regardless of variations in quality


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Brochure BW Delta EN

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