Promoting access to water in an efficient and responsible way

Aux consommateurs qui ne disposent pas d’une eau potable dont la qualité est garantie au robinet, Swiss Fresh Water propose une alternative aux eaux minérales, chères, et aux autres solutions qui ne garantissent pas toujours la qualité de l’eau fournie et un modèle respectueux de l’environnement (sachets en plastique à usage unique, etc).

Impact has always been at the heart of Swiss Fresh Water's project. Originally designed for rural areas and to fight against waterborne diseases (particularly brackish and fluorinated water), the model has evolved and accentuates its ecological impact (promotion of a circular economy model to reduce the production and consumption of plastic), while remaining a job creator and socially responsible.

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Our 4 major contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The model is not dependent on subsidies to generate sustainable economic activity for the franchised entrepreneur and his teams, while providing quality water at a very competitive price, at least 3 times lower than the cheapest mineral water. The franchise system allows us to share the value with all the actors involved, while making the system sustainable.


Our decentralized model and the savings in plastic and transport costs allows the implementation of a quality water brand at a very competitive price, without subsidies. The model can also be subsidized in areas that require it in order to increase the number of beneficiaries and the impact in terms of job creation and health.


Thanks to our connected water treatment solution composed of 4 filtration stages including reverse osmosis, we can eliminate not only viruses and bacteria responsible for the majority of waterborne diseases but also heavy metals, salt (up to 7g/L) and other pollutants. In the historical regions of the project, in the Sine Saloum in Senegal, the studies we have carried out have shown a significant decrease in waterborne diseases and hypertension.


Water distribution is organized in a circular economy to reduce the production of plastic, promoting the reuse of containers and drums. In addition, we offer an alternative to plastic bags by providing high quality water at a competitive price with plastic bags, whose consumption is growing rapidly and whose environmental impact is very negative.

Our impact in numbers


Kiosks in operation in Senegal,
end 2019


Jobs directly created or stimulated at the end of 2019 (327 in 2018)


The estimated minimum number of daily consumers in Senegal. More than 150 million litres have been produced and sold since the beginning of the project.


On the franchisee side

Yankoba Dia, Franchise Operator of the Kasaville kiosk in Kaolack, Senegal

"Ever since I started drinking "Diam'o by Swiss Fresh Water", I haven't wanted to use any other water at any time. The clarity, the taste and above all the purity of this water are the reasons that pushed me to become a franchisee of DIAM'O by Swiss Fresh Water.

A "noble gesture", they say, to help people drink this water without risk of impurity or disease.

An old man said to me, "Since I started drinking this water, I no longer have stomach aches, my son. We thank you very much."
Drinking this water is a real chance, my fellow citizens. Thank you very much."

On the customer side

"Your DIAM'O water, as the name suggests, is a source of peace. It is an excellent drink, with a pleasant taste and affordable price."

François Diouf, Joal, Senegal

"The water at the DIAM'O kiosk tastes great, and I recommend it for the health of the elderly."

Babacar Gueye, Joal, Senegal

"Since we buy DIAMO water, we save a lot of money compared to buying mineral water. And I recommend everyone to taste it for its taste and lightness."

Fatou Fall, Dakar

Health impact assessment

(Excerpt from "Rapport de mission effectué chez Swiss Fresh Water SA," by Axel Ripper, Université de Montréal, translated by SFW)

"The impact of SFW on health is undeniable. It is the subject that stands out most strongly in all discussions and through all the questionnaires. More than 90% of the respondents say they feel an improvement in their health and see an improvement in the general health of those around them. For more than 67%, the improvement in health is even the biggest change perceived since the arrival of SFW.

The opinion of the medical staff confirms this result. The medical records that we have had the opportunity to go through (unfortunately without the possibility of having copies) show a very clear decrease in cases of hypertension and diarrhoea since the installation of the machines. The nurse on Diogane Island tells us that the number of consultations for diarrhoea has dropped from 50 per month to 4-5 since water has become available on their island. In addition to the decrease in stomach aches, cases of parasitic diseases have decreased and effects on teeth are being seen in areas with fluoride in the water. In all the health posts visited, the discourse was the same. The health staff stated that they find Diam'O water of high quality and that they only drink this water, which they recommend to all patients, especially pregnant women and the elderly. Awareness is also being raised among young mothers to use this water in the making of their baby's bottles.

For the record, the president of the women's group of Diamniadio, during the meeting with the village chief and all the local authorities, announced that all the children born after 2011 (the year of the installation of the machine), have perfectly white teeth, whereas before that, a majority of the children suffered from fluorosis (black teeth)."